Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The edge

The edge

She feels like she’s drowning,
Lost and alone,
With nothing but grief and pain,
Just two steps from the edge.

She’s lost her smile,
In the depth of darkness,
But she’s not sure she cares anymore,
Too broken, in pieces.

Time passes too quickly for her to fully understand,
Exactly where she’s going,
Or where she’s been,
Wondering if she’ll ever learn to smile again?

Knowing that she must,
Be strong, have faith,
That tomorrow will be a better day,
One day she’ll come back from the edge

© Karen Peatt 2009


The Farm House Kids said...


That is a beautiful poem! I really hope that it isn't a personal feeling of yours. (just thinking about you)


Anonymous said...

I have to say that, not long ago I felt just like that.
Lost, not knowing where to go or to do and thinking that everything was as big messy.

Of course with time it came clear that was just a time in my life that I had to learn another lesson.
I learned from that, I suffered and survived.

On those days I just want to go away from everyone and pretend I am nothing, but I know I am something that I like, and that is why I don't give up.

Loved your poem!