Monday, December 7, 2009

Hell of a Ride Adam Brand

I guess you could say we've been through a lot
And we stuck with each other like it or not
But there's nothing like friends to make you feel alive
We didn't win every battle but God knows we tried

Here's to the sinners here's to the saints
Here's to the people who I'd like to thank
You drink to me I'll drink to you
Let's drink together but before we do...
If we die tonight that'd be alright
Coz we had one hell of a ride

We kicked up some dust and we sure made some noise
But girls will be girls and us boys will be boys
They called us crazy we proved em wrong
They'll be talking 'bout us long after we're gone
We've all done some things we'd rather not tell but we lifted each other when one of us fell

This song means a lot to me at the moment. It has become a bit of an anthem for my life right now. I am struggling g in many ways right now but the one thing I hope I can say is that my life has been one hell of a ride and that I’ve made the most of the opportunities I’ve had.

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