Thursday, June 25, 2009

Echoing Footsteps

I have been working on several writing projects over the last few months, two of which are rapidly becoming novels. I thought I'd post the prologue of one just to see if anyone reading the blog likes it and once to read more. If you do I might post a chapter a week or something.

Echoing Footsteps.


Footsteps echo in the hallway. A door slams and a car kicks over gently. As the car backs down the driveway I emerge from my hiding place and go to my little sister. Her tears begin to fall just like they always do and just like I have every Friday night for the past few years I take her into my arms and hold her. I tell her that it will be all right and I tell myself this time it has to be. I have to do something to make it ok. Comforted by my words she becomes quiet. I lead her to her room where she lays on her bed and hugs Fred. Fred is her teddy bear and her only other friend.

I go in search of my Mother and find her cleaning the kitchen. The wall has been splattered with a roast I know she has slaved over for hours and there are pieces of the broken plate everywhere. Mother looks up and I see she will have another shiner which will have to be explained away once again. Maybe she had better have tripped over the cat this time, no one could be stupid enough to walk into a door every week. She looks at me and starts to cry. I hold her for a while and whisper words of reassurance. “I’m sorry” is all she says. Rage boils inside me like lava. “Don’t worry. He won’t hurt you again. I won’t let him” I say, before leaving her.

I walk into my room and close the door. My hands shake as I open my bedside cupboard. I no longer shake with fear, just anticipation. The cold metal of the gun empowers me. I am now strong enough and know enough to use it. Dad never should have taught me how to shoot. Next Friday I will be ready for him.
(c) Karen Peatt 2009

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