Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Darling Sara

My failing right hand,
Isn’t actually failing,
It’s just another body part,
That gets me to the bar.

It picks up a bottle,
Helps me chug that bottle down,
Til I forget where I’ve gotta go,
Or where I’ve been.

I thought I’d write this poem for you,
To show that I care,
Even though that last night,
You screamed I was never there.

We made love like pasta and sauce,
Messy but so true,
We were meant to be together,
me and you.

You told me faith means more than trying,
Sweat holds more value than tears,
But as you walked away,
You’re voice echoed through my fears.

“Once I believed you were the one,
Oh so strong & true,
Know I know you are weak,
And I’m not the one for you.”

That last fight sent me into a spin,
We shouldn’t fight while I’m driving,
My anger spun us into a tree,
Hurting you not so much me.

So now my darling Sara though
I said I’d never let you go,
I tried so hard but my right hand failed,
And I never felt you leave,
Oh my darling Sara, I love you so.

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