Thursday, April 9, 2009

101 in 1001 update

Another 4 101 in 1001 goals were completed this week.
18. Blog everyday for a week
54. Get a new mobile phone
22. have my medication reviewed
26. Create carepage for prayer requests

I brought myself the Nokia 6120 today. Its charging and then I’ll be so happy to have a reliable phone again. My previous phone was the LG TU500 and, unlike the person who wrote the review I have linked to, I had trouble getting service and the battery life sucked. It needed charging each night and as the charge point is very small I needed help to physically connect it to the charger which just wasn’t practical.

I saw my doctor on Tuesday and I will be weaning myself off one medication (gabapentin) over the coming days. Please pray that this is successful and without major side effects. I am not sure if this drug will be replaced with another but I hope not.

I didn’t create a carepage for prayer requests but instead created a caringbridge site. You can find it here. There isn’t much content there yet but I’ll add to it in the coming days. If anyone has any prayer requests please take a moment to create a profile & leave them in the guestbook so I can get my prayer angels working for you.

That’s 23 101 in 101 goals so far. At least two more will be completed tomorrow- possibly 4. Tomorrow’s post will tell you all about them so please check back.

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