Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I have had carers since I was 12 and only twice in this time I have had issues with them. Up until now anyway. I have one carer at the moment who I have had small issues with for awhile (stuff like being very late and spending lots of time on her mobile phone when she is supposed to work with me) but the last couple of times she has worked with me there have been bigger issues. One is trying to convince me I don’t need my medication and while I just ignore her and take it anyway I am worried that some of her other clients might not or that she might not be giving those who can’t actually take their own medications the stuff they need. The other issue is her bringing her 7 year old child with her. I am not sure what if anything I should do about these issues. Any advice?

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The Farm House Kids said...

Oh Boy do I have advice for you ....

as a nurse, my first instinct is to say that she is abusing the situation ... and she is definitely wrong doing.

if she is personally hired by you ... find someone else. If she is through a agency ... call them immediately. They will replace her. Yes, you take your meds ... and remember that she is getting paid to work for YOU!

You don't have to be abused, and you deserve better treatment.