Saturday, April 18, 2009

Vampire books

I received the Twilight books for Christmas. I read them all within a week and have since read the series three more times. I have been on a search for similar books and today I found two new seises. The first was vampire academy by Rachel mead and the second was True blood by Charlene Harris. I can already tell I am going to get through these quickly and be left wanting to read other similar books. As someone who never imagined wanting to read vampire books I am stumped. Any suggestions?


Sara said...

I've become obsessed lately with vampire books. The Evernight series is awesome, Blue Bloods is great as is Vampire Diaries, the Marked series is fairly good also. The Black Dagger Brotherhood books are good but very very dirty (lets just say my husband was happy the week I read that series) and there's always the classic Anne Rice.

Aly said...

yeah i was gonna suggest the vampire chronicles by Anne Rice, eg, Interview with the Vampire, cant remember the name of the second 1, but the third is called Queen of the dammed, and i think there mite b a fourth. Also have you thought bout Bram Stoke's "Dracula" or take a look at the underworld movies and Van Helsing, they might have accompanying books.