Friday, April 17, 2009

Live like you're dying

Do something that makes your heart beat faster every day.
Give the dog a bite of your sandwich.
Play air guitar - rock 'n' roll air guitar.
If it's short, let it grow...... You can always cut it.
If it's long, cut it.......You can always let it grow.
Don't underestimate the power of a crayon.
Wear pajamas out for the evening.
Top down. Radio Up. Laughing Friends.
Laugh until you cry. And vice versa.

May we live like we were dying.
With passion and purpose and mission and meaning......
and with a little wide abandon. With no forgiveness
withheld and no anger held within.

May we live like we were dying.
With a heart full of memories,
precious and true,
like a Bible that we can open anywhere
and find ourselves and faith.
With friends and family and hugs
and laughter and singing and praying
and crying and holding hands and
saying all the sappy stuff.
Then and only then.....

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