Monday, April 20, 2009


My two year old nephew was given a book all about various kinds of transport for his birthday. He was “reading” it to himself the other day when he looked up at me and then down at the book and said “Karen”. He did this several times and when I got him to show me the book I realised there was a picture of a wheelchair in there. It is the first time I have seen any picture books like it and I think its really good that a wheelchair was included.

I thought my nephew was so cute the way that he recognised the wheelchair and that it is like mine but thought it best that he not walk around calling them Karen because otherwise other wheelchair users (particularly male ones) could be offended. So I am trying to teach him to call the chair a wheelchair not Karen but I’m not having any luck. Any tips? Am I reading too much into the situation? Should I just let him learn the correct terminology in his own time?

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Aly said...

Hey Karen, once again I am getting slack at reading posts, just like the care pages site. Keep preserving with Blake and calling a wheelchair a wheelchair, not Karen. Time, patience and perseverance will pay off. In the mean time let everyone know whats happening, so that if the situation does arise where he meets someone else in a wheelchair and calls them Karen, they can explain that his aunt called Karen is in a wheelchair too, so he thinks that all wheelchairs are called Karen. I am going through a similar sort of thing with Sebastian, where he calls all food "nanna" (banana) because he knows that it will usually end up in him getting something to eat. It is awesome to hear that there is a book published with a wheelchair in it as a form of transportation. will have to try and find one for Seb. Till next time take care.
Aly & Seb